SwitcherGear Downloads

Reference Manuals

Hardware Interface Modules

DD00024-R4.pdf SwitcherGear Module CON002  3-channel interface for isolated half-bridge gate-drivers
DD00039-R1.pdf SwitcherGear Module CON003  Interface for SEMIKRON SEMIKUBE 3-phase IGBT stack
DD00042-R2.pdf SwitcherGear Module AIN004  4-channel interface for current and voltage sensors
DD00056-R1.pdf SwitcherGear Module AOV001  4-channel, analogue output, ±10 V, isolation
DD00027-R3.pdf SwitcherGear Module DIN001  Interface for incremental shaft encoder, isolation, 5 V power
DD00063-R2.pdf SwitcherGear Module DIO005  8-channel, digital input & output, 12-24 V, isolation
DD00072-R1.pdf SwitcherGear Module MIO001  3/2-channel (NTC/Fan) thermal control interface, isolation
DD00064-R2.pdf SwitcherGear Module N23201  2/2-channel (TX/RX) serial RS-232 interface, isolation
DD00068-R1.pdf SwitcherGear Module N48501  Daisy-chain RS-485 transceiver interface, isolation
DD00035-R3.pdf SwitcherGear Module NETCAN  1-port Controller Area Network (CAN) interface, daisy-chain, isolation
DD00057-R1.pdf SwitcherGear Module NETETH  1-port Ethernet interface with PHY and MAC, isolation

Microcontroller Modules

DD00053-R1.pdf SwitcherGear Micro MC28377D1  TMS320F28377D industrial microcontroller (dual CPU + CLA 200 MHz, 16-channel high-speed ADC) with 16 MB SDRAM

Base Unit

DD00022-R3.pdf SwitcherGear Base B12CC1  12 slots for hardware interface modules, one DIMM-100 microcontroller slot, isolated debug probe interface, single 24 VDC control power


DD00054-R1.pdf SwitcherGear Sensor SNV005  Voltage sensor for power converter systems, ±1000 V(DC) and 480 V(RMS)
DD00058-R2.pdf SwitcherGear Sensor SNI005  Current sensor for power converter systems, ±50 A(DC) and 25 A(RMS)
DD00036-R2.pdf SwitcherGear Adaptor ADP002  Adaptor for SEMIKRON SEMITEACH IBGT stack, 20-way ribbon cable to 3x BNC and power
DD00061-R1.pdf SwitcherGear Power Supply PSU001  Isolated AC-DC power supply for SwitcherGear controller

Application Notes

DD00051-R3.pdf Using the SwitcherWare Library  Understand how to install the SwitcherWare Library and how to use it with projects in the Code Composer Studio integrated development environment.
DD00066-R1.pdf SwitcherGear Configuration and Signal Chains  Understand the SwitcherGear architecture, the configuration of SwitcherGear controllers and signals chains.
DD00060-R1.pdf Graphical Coding with Scilab  This document shows how to develop control code for the SwitcherGear controller using the Scilab/Xcos graphical modelling environment and the third-party X2C tools.
DD00050-R3.pdf Example Project - BasicDriveVF  Detailed walk-through of the BasicDriveVF example project, including the hardware configuration, code structure and SwitcherWare objects, building the example project, user interaction with the application.